FGW members to vote on pay, productivity

12 October 2005

ASLEF members in First Great Western are to vote on a 4% pay offer and a revised productivity proposal. Members will be issued with ballot papers in the near future, with the outcome being known on 10 and 8 November respectively.


Pay negotiations concluded with a 4% offer with no strings backdated to April 2005. The recommendation from the negotiators and executive committee is to accept.


This is also the case with the revised productivity and hours issue which almost led to industrial action earlier this month. The revised (11 October) productivity package is set out in the following text:


‘Following lengthy discussions, the following agreement ahs been reached as the basis for introduction of an average 14 rest days every 8 weeks from the start of the December 2005 timetable. Any loss of rest days above the guaranteed 14 in 8 weeks will be reviewed with the Drivers’ Divisional Council before being passed to local level for linking discussions.

  • We will implement the changes to mainline diagrams proposed by FGW driver representatives and review these at Drivers’ Divisional Council level before implementation
  • The proposed meal break in the amended turn PL75 (which is understood to be invalid) can be implemented and will not be challenged at a future date.
  • FGW drivers will cover FGW Link work (where available and competent) without additional payment (currently £25 per turn) or application of the current conditions
  • If First wins its bid for the Greater Western franchise we will commit to entering into productively discussions with Drivers’ Divisional Councils with the aim of delivering an average of 104 rest days a year, before entering into any harmonisation discussions.’


The Executive Committee urges ASLEF’s 350 members involved to play their part in the democratic system by voting on both these referendums.

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