Scotrail agrees to trials for drivers using digital hearing aids

11 October 2005

Kevin Lindsay, the union’s organiser in Scotland, says he is ‘delighted’ at a new deal he has signed with Scotrail concerning drivers with hearing problems.

‘We have always thought it was a terrible waste of skills and experience to take drivers off the foot-plate if their hearing began to fail,’ says Kevin. ‘This radical new deal begins to remedy a pointless injustice.’

The deal means that any driver who fails the hearing test will be equipped with a digital hearing aid and, while under careful observation, will continue to drive. Kevin says that evidence all points to the fact that drivers with the new hearing aids can drive safely.

‘At the moment we have agreed a trial, but I am confident that it will become a permanent part of our members’ conditions,’ he said.

Only one other firm - SW Trains - currently offers a similar arrangement – but it is the union’s aims to have it introduced across the country.

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