ASLEF supports pensioners' protest on Freedom Train

14 April 2014

Since the 1 April pensioners and disabled passengers have no longer been able to travel on trains for free because of government-imposed cuts that the South Yorkshire passenger Transport Executive have had to make. In response, for the last three weeks,pensioners and disabled campaigners have travelled on trains refusing to pay but showing their South Yorkshire passes. The campaigners travel from Barnsley, Doncaster and Sheffield and all meet up at Meadowhall interchange at 11:45 for a rally and speeches.


Tosh had the honour of addressing the rally at Meadowhall today. He was inspired by the commitment and enthusiasm of those taking part in the campaign and delighted to hear that Northern Staff and Workers at Meadowhall have all shown their support. Tosh said ' Since this cruel and heartless unelected government has come to power we have seen the youth take to the streets in direct action and now pensioners and disabled taking to the trains with direct action! Let's see the labour and trade union movement joining in too!


Today's rally ended with the whole crowd chanting "ASLEF Union Hear Us SAY: We Welcome your Support Today"!

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