London Northern Line Safety Concerns – all trains to be checked

06 October 2005

ASLEF today advised tube train drivers working on the Northern Line to insist on having an extra person on board because of safety concerns. The problem concerns malfunctions in a device that is supposed to ‘trip’ in if a red light is passed.

Last night an examination of Northern Line tube trains showed that 8 or 9 tube trains did not have the trip working effectively. Either the mechanisms had eroded, were clogged with grease or were sagging.

Maintenance had been sub contracted, but the firm involved has now been taken off the contract.

Early discussions between ASLEF, RMT and the management have led to agreement that depot staff will be borrowed from other lines to test all Northern Line trains before tomorrow (Friday) morning.

ASLEF’s London District Organiser Steve Grant says that in the interim the union is insisting that a second tube worker be allocated to each train to compensate for the failure of these safety devices.

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