Taxpayers fork out twice to travel in cattle class

01 May 2014

The media coverage did not focus on this but the disparity per passenger journey across the UK – £2.19 in England, £7.60 in Wales and £9.33 in Scotland– and this concerns me for two reasons. The first is that, given the high level of cost for most turn up and go fares, no one sees it as ironic that you can pay hundreds of pounds to travel and still be subsidised for each journey. The second is that those of us in the industry recognise the figures will be skewed by population density and volume,especially in and around London, but the subsidy figures do not reflect any comparative investment figures for the UK because we know that the north-west and north-east of England, Scotland and Wales have had nowhere near the money that is disproportionately invested in the south-east, both in infrastructure and rolling stock.


We are seeking, with our sister trade unions, a judicial review of the proposed East Coast franchising process; after the West Coast debacle we need to ensure the rights and needs of employees are given due consideration.The review also raises issues around the new trend for direct award which causes concern for our members’ futures and the shape of the industry.


This union evolves and, with that in mind, we wish DO7 Stan Moran a long and happy retirement and thank him for all he did for us in all his roles. Brian Corbett takes over and we wish him every success. I also congratulate DO1 Graham Morris and Tosh McDonald, EC member for District 4, on their re-election.

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