A degree of hope for a brighter future

01 June 2014

The world moves on while conference takes place and AAD was rightly moved by the plight of the miners in Turkey and sent the appropriate messages of support. The judicial review of the rushed sale of the East Coast sought by the joint trade unions was refused; so much for transparency of process. We shall now consider our position.


The Rail Delivery Group has taken up the role of boasting about growth and investment from ATOC but still fails to mention that they do not actually provide the investment; it comes centrally from the massive subsidy they get!


Apparently, one of the cash cows of privatisation, a RoSCo, is up for sale by the venture capitalists.


Wouldn’t it be great if the government bought it? A question that needs to be asked is who will own future new rolling stock, IEP etc? The Prime Minister said the government would fund the electrification of all the Great Western and Wales lines; those lines will remain neglected. We shall lobby with interest.


Recent comments by Ed Miliband and Shadow Transport Secretary Mary Creagh about the need for change on the structure for the rail industry give a degree of hope for a brighter, planned and more integrated future.


This was the first AAD for a decade without the EC president,through illness, and we wish him well in his recovery. Bro Ian Neeve’s funeral took place on the last day of conference. A long time representative,conference delegate, former candidate for GS and friend; our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.

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