London fares to increase for cash buyers, reduce for card holders

04 October 2005

ASLEF says it has no principled objection to today’s announcement that London Underground will be making efforts to improve efficiency by relying more on Oyster Cards.

However, it is adamant that if there were to be savings on ticket office personnel, such staff could profitably be used to increase security arrangements, while financial gains could be used to improve safety standards.

It also says it will demand its share of productivity improvements in the upcoming pay talks.

‘London’s rail workers are increasingly productive in an environment that is often more challenging,’ says National Organiser Andy Reed. ‘We expect their dedication and professionalism to be reflected in this year’s pay round.’

Fare changes, which will be introduced from January, include:

Zone 1 single goes up from £2 to £3


Oyster fares reduce from £170 to £150

Zones 1 to 6 single up to £4 (from £3.80)


Oyster fare is frozen at £3.50.

The cheapest cash fare will be £3 – up from £1.30.

The comparable Oyster fare is reduced from £1.10 to £1.

Travel Cards will typically increase by around 4% e.g. Zone 1 to 6 weekly increases from £39.50 to £41.

The Zone One travel card will be withdrawn


The Oystercard for these journeys will be £1.50.

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