UKIP and Tory MEPs reject Road Safety and Rail Freight

01 May 2014

The European Parliament took a sensible approach and voted overwhelmingly to support safer HGV designs after work was undertaken by an alliance of 22 organisations, including the Freight Transport Association,TfL, cyclist, local authority and road safety organisations. However, despite Labour, Lib Dem and Green groups in the Parliament all voting in favour of the directive, UKIP opposed it. Tory MEPs did support the move but the UK Government position in the Council is still not clear, which could jeopardize the proposal or delay it. General Secretary Mick Whelan said, “It beggars belief that anyone could possibly vote against measures to make lorries safer. But with UKIP nothing surprises me. HGVs are involved in 52% of fatalities on motorways even though they only make up 11% of the traffic so I’m delighted that despite UKIP’s best efforts this directive was approved by the parliament.”

Meanwhile Tory MEPs voted for an amendment to a directive which would allow cross border megatrucks. This move would damage roads, have huge safety implications and undermine the use of rail freight. Mick commented “The actions of Tory and UKIP MEPs show why it is important that we all go out and vote on 22nd May. The fewer of these people in the European Parliament the better.”

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