Action for Rail day of action 17 June

01 June 2014

Government plans could lead to driver-only operated trains and the axing of all guards –so there would be little or no assistance for disabled and elderly people wishing to use services, and the safety of women traveling at night would be put at risk. Job security and working conditions of remaining staff remain unclear. And instead of profits being reinvested back in the service, they will go towards supporting French state railways, which won the bid in a joint venture.

We are producing a new postcard for the day of action to hand to passengers at stations,which will include a call to MPs to raise our concerns in regard to the impact on public safety and service quality, and that the franchise is a bad deal for taxpayers.

If you are able to organise an action at a station along the line (see map), or support an action, please contact Katy Proctor.

For more information please visit the action for rail website

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