Chicken feed for Rail Supply Group

20 June 2014

But Mick said: ‘It’s chicken feed, isn’t it? While we always welcome investment in Britain’s railways, it’s much too little, much too late. The Rail Supply Group, and the coalition, are a little bit late to the party!

‘The toll of two decades of privatisation has been fragmentation,short-termism and lack of industry co-ordination. It is these factors which have fatally undermined our once world-leading rail manufacturing base, and wider supply chain, as well as the thousands of skilled jobs which sustain edit. This money announced today will go to support firms such as Japan’s Hitachi and Siemens from Germany.’

Mick added: ‘That’s why ASLEF is calling for a return of the railways to public ownership where we can have some proper strategic thinking about what’s best for Britain over the next few decades, and give certainty to passengers,and employees, as well as rail industry suppliers.’

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