Freedom riders intimidated by police

24 June 2014

Online critics have condemned the ‘disgraceful behaviour’ of officers – who come from the same area as those South Yorkshire policemen condemned for what they did at Hillsborough and Orgreave – who used the provocative and controversial tactic of kettling, first used by the Met on students protesting over tuition fees, to corral Freedom Ride pensioners demonstrating peacefully about savage travel cuts.


Mick said: ‘From reading the witness statements, and reviewing the video evidence, it is apparent that the police used excessive force. We don’t believe that this is the proper way to deal with a peaceful protest by pensioners.


‘The train company has a lot of questions to answer. Were they a party to the police tactics? Were their revenue protection officers involved in manhandling the protesters? Do they approve of the actions of these officers?


‘If they do, they should come out and say so. If not, they should condemn what went on. What they cannot do is keep schtum and sit on the fence.’


Pensioners say a private security firm aided and abetted BTP officers to abuse them.

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