Positive response to ASLEF LGBT RC motion

26 June 2014

Although the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill was passed earlier this year, the government has failed to address inequality of survivor pensions within occupational schemes: In its current form the Bill allows pension providers to openly discriminate against gay married couples and those in civil partnerships by permitting schemes to pay far less survivor benefits than to their straight counterparts. Current legislation dictates that same sex survivor benefits only need be calculated from 5 December 2005, whereas heterosexual couples have no such limitations.


‘This legislation was designed to bring equality to LGBT couples so it is unacceptable that it should include discriminatory clauses’ said Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF. ‘The government is undertaking a review into its stance and a report on survivor benefits will be published next week. Whilst all of our members in the Railway and Tfl pension schemes already enjoy full equality, if the outcome of this review does not result in a change in the law, ASLEF will be pushing for a priority campaign to end this blatant discrimination.’


You can sign the TUC’s e-petition and call for personal stories on the issue of discrimination in survivor pensions https://secure.goingtowork.org.uk/page/signup/end-discrimination-in-survivors-pensions Please share this link widely.


For more information read the TUC’s briefing paper here: http://www.tuc.org.uk/pensions-equality/end-discrimination-in-survivors-pensions

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