Network Rail Fine

07 July 2014

Mick Whelan has reacted to the news, announced today, of Network Rail’s record fine. He said: ‘Once more the poor performance of Network Rail, and the fragmentation of Britain’s railways, has resulted in the same sort of lame excuses we have been hearing for the last 20 years. We now find ourselves in the ridiculous position of fining Network Rail £53 million just before it goes back on the government’s books in September. It means there will be even less money available to put right the things that are wrong! There could hardly be a better time for a future government, looking to build a British railway fit for the 21st century, to recognise that privatisation hasn’t worked; that it is a flawed, and failed, model, and to bring the railways back into public ownership where every penny and every pound can be spent on investing in our infrastructure rather than disappearing into private pockets.’

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