Highest turnout confirms ASLEF political fund

28 July 2014

Mick Whelan, ASLEF’s general secretary, says he is ‘delighted by the result and proud of the level of participation’. He continued, ‘It is the essence of democracy that we all play a part and make out voices heard. It makes me proud to be general secretary of an active union with a participating membership.

‘And I’m delighted that we have maintained our right to play the fullest part in our democratic society. Not to have had a political fund would have limited what we can do to defend our members’ interests.’

Mick reiterated that the political fund is not a fund for the Labour Party. Having a political fund ensures the union stays within the law while campaigning politically for issues like more investment in both passenger and rail freight, defending pensions, boosting economic growth and increasing employment, skills and training, paying for campaign materials, lobbying for and against party policies in the UK and in Europe, exposing political attacks on workers and spending on voter registration.

‘The Thatcher government made it a legal requirement for unions to vote every ten years to continue political funds,’ Mick said. ‘Today’s vote demonstrates that modern democratic trade unions don’t need outside interference to govern our own affairs without external interference.

‘I thank all our members for returning a positive vote. It is another weapon in our armoury as ASLEF campaigns against rail privatisation,for more freight on rail and broader campaigns against the privatisation of public services, against budget cuts, austerity measures and attacks on employment rights, in favour of High Speed Two and opposing the European Union’s 4th Railway package.’

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