Claire Perry's comfortable commute

20 August 2014

‘Out of touch, surreal, inappropriate, incompetent, negligent and naïve,’ said Mick. ‘But the comments of Claire Perry, the newly-appointed Minister for Rail, shows that Action for Rail is right to campaign against rocketing rail fares, overcrowded trains, and the private profit being made at public expense by the privatised train operating companies who take no risks, but earn enormous rewards, which they take out of the system.


‘Passengers are fed up with being forced to pay in excess of £5,000 a year, to get to work, without the guarantee of a proper seat or a working toilet. And instead of running more trains, the privatised TOCs, encouraged by Ms Perry, want to run fewer trains, with fewer carriages, fewer seats and fewer toilets. They are now suggesting taking out seats and removing toilets so they can pack passengers in like sardines.’


More than 100,000 passengers travelling by train into London during the rush hour have to stand, according to the Department for Transport. That’s one in five commuters during peak times in the morning rush hour.


‘There is legislation in place to protect animals when they are transported by train but no legislation to protect human beings,’ said Mick. ‘There is no long-term strategy, no long-term planning, and no long-term thinking, among the privatised train operating companies. They are only in business to make a quick buck.’

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