Network Rail & FoI

20 August 2014

Mick said: ‘Network Rail, in a couple of weeks, is going back on the books as a public body. We think it’s great that 50% of Britain’s railways are to be brought back into public ownership – and we think it’s ironic that such a big chunk of the railway is to be renationalised by a Tory government! – but it’s wrong that Network Rail is to be excluded from Freedom of Information. Why? What has this government got to hide? What are they not telling us? And what do the Conservatives not want us to know?’ Network Rail will be reclassified as a public body on 1 September. Two newspapers – the Daily Telegraph and the Financial Times, clearly well-briefed by sources inside Downing Street – have reported that while the energy companies will now be covered by FoI, the Prime Minister has blocked moves to include Network Rail.

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