Rise in sexual assaults on the railway must spell an end to cutting staff on trains and stations.

21 August 2014

ASLEF General Secretary Mick Whelan remarked, “Whilst the figures show a slight reduction in overall crime on the railway, it’s obviously shocking that sexual crimes are increasing, and additionally worrying that this is happening at a higher rate on trains and stations than elsewhere.”

The figures have put in sharp focus the government and Train Operators’ plans to reduce staffing levels on both trains and stations. Mick added, “We understand that some of this increase may be because more people are confident in reporting the crimes that they are victims of, and this is obviously a positive. But this does not account for such a big rise. How the governmentcan endorse and even promote trains running with only a driver on board, and the closure of staffed ticket offices in the light of evidence such as this is beyond me. For the safety of passengers and workers, many of whom will be put in the situation of lone working, we need more staff, not less."

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