National Rail renationalised

29 August 2014

He said: ‘Semantics notwithstanding, we’re delighted that Network Rail has been brought back onto the books as a public body. We have consistently called for Britain’s railways to be brought back into public ownership so we think it’s great that half of our railway system – the steel if not the wheels – have now been brought back into public ownership. And, if I can be permitted a smile, we think it’s ironic that such a big chunk of the railway has been renationalised by a Tory government! Privatisation has failed this country. It is a flawed business model that is not delivering for the people who work in it, the people who use it, and the people who depend on it. We need a modern, integrated railway fit for the 21st century. And that means a publicly-controlled, publicly-accountable, publicly-owned British railway.’

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