Solidarity with colleagues in Ireland

01 September 2014


SIPTU Organiser, Paul Cullen, said: “Due to the cuts in funding to the rail service the company is operating with a deficit of approximately €60 million. There is no indication that the National Transport Authority or Department of Transport have any plans on how to offset this deficit other than expecting Irish Rail staff to endure further cuts”.

NBRU general secretary Dermot O'Leary criticised the government for cutting Irish Rail's subsidy to 1998 levels: "Expecting a service to be run on those levels of subsidy is just not tenable," he said.

Mick Whelan,General Secretary of ASLEF, said “We hope that today’s talks with Irish Rail are successful and that progress toward a satisfactory outcome to the dispute is made before the next scheduled strike action on the 7 and 21 September.”

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