All on board for public ownership

27 August 2014

Our activists were present at 50 stations around the country, meeting passengers and asking them to contact their MP in protest at the government’s decision to raise fares yet again.

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The UK already has the highest fares in Europe, where state run services are cheaper and better, and since 2008 fares have risen four times faster than average wages. We want the government to reform railways to make them accessible and affordable for all. The best way to do this is though public ownership. Our research shows that public ownership could save £1bn each year and this could fund a 18% cut in fares.

Mick Whelan, General Secretary, was interviewed at King’s Cross station by Sky, ITN, LBC and other news outlets as he and other campaigners handed out postcards to passengers calling for renationalisation of the railways.

‘Privatisation of the railways – a wheeze by John Major which even Margaret Thatcher, the arch advocate of privatisation, described as ‘a privatisation too far’ – has left us with a fragmented system which is all about making a private profit at public expense. We believe in a much better business model for a modern, 21st Century railway in Britain. We believe the railway is a public service which should be publicly-owned, publicly-accountable, and publicly-run’ he said.





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