Can Labour deliver radical rail reform?

05 September 2014

Rail privatisation has failed to deliver on any of its promises over the last 20 years. Public subsidy has more than doubled, there has been little new private investment, and fares have risen over two times faster than wages, while private train companies extract bigger profits for their shareholders.

Public ownership of the railways has widespread support and would deliver better value for money for taxpayers and passengers.

Can a Labour government deliver the radical reform of our railways that is needed?


Mick Cash, Acting General Secretary, RMT

Mick Whelan,General Secretary, ASLEF

Lorraine Ward, Assistant General Secretary, TSSA

Ian Taylor, Director, Transport for Quality of Life

Paul Nowak, Assistant General Secretary, Trades Union Congress

The fringe meeting will be held on Tuesday 9 September between 17h45 and 19h30 at the BT Convention Centre,Liverpool, in Hall 4a. Anyone without a pass to the convention centre wishing to attend the meeting should apply for credentials in advance by email.They will then be able to pick up their pass from the credentials office on the day of the fringe.

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