Unofficial Circulars distributed amongst membership

26 September 2005

ASLEF Circular to all Branches and Representatives

Fellow Members,

I have been made aware of an unauthorised and, yet again, unaccountable newsletter entitled ‘not the Loco Journal Special Edition’ that has been distributed widely amongst the membership.

Given recent events in ASLEF and the work that has been undertaken by the union to promote good and harmonious working relationships, this malicious and unattributable material can only be regarded as cowardly and damaging to the union.

It is my belief that the production of this literature is timed to unduly influence the current election process. Aslef conducts itself through its rule book in the spirit of fairness, openness and transparency, and will always continue to do so.

All members are therefore advised to destroy this publication and participate fully in the democratic process and ensure that the perpetrators of this type of hate mail do not succeed in destabilising our union and its future.

Yours fraternally


General Secretary

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