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17 September 2014

National Organiser Simon Weller is urging all branches to organise in support of the TUC’s ‘Britain Needs a Pay Rise’ march and rally in London on 18 October.

‘This demonstration deserves massive support,’ Simon, a member of the TUC’s General Council, says. ’The campaign slogan seems simple, but it defines an approach to the economy that can make this country a better place for all working people.’

The TUC argues that getting money into people’s pockets is essential to economic recovery. ‘Bankers operating as if they were playing at a casino on credit led to the spending boom that caused the latest financial crisis,’ Simon says. ‘People need money to spend to increase demand and boost the whole economy. We don’t want credit – we want more money in our pockets.’

18 Oct

The TUC has four immediate demands

· a properly enforced minimum wage, because there are still companies who are not paying up

· higher minimum wages for employers who can afford to paymore: it is supposed to be a minimum, not a maximum

· commitment to the living wage rather than the minimum; and

· a crackdown on excessive executive pay that leads to more inequality – and excessive financial risk taking. Workers should be represented on all pay committees.

The call is for an increase in Britain’s pay packet which is shared out on a fair basis.

Simon says that this is not simply a rally for the low paid. ‘It calls for a new economic approach,’ he says. ‘It affects us all.’

‘Low wages at the bottom of the scale works its way up to better paid workers. Lower ‘industry norms’ at the bottom are used by employers to reduce higher paid staff. Excuses are made that ‘we all have to make sacrifices’. They make a perverse inverted case for equality where all working people suffer – but senior managers and the rich do not.

‘Working people have taken all the brunt of the economic crisis since this government took power. That is what we need to change. We need to fight back against the coalition government’s ideologically motivated attack on all workers’ wages, regardless of it they are employed in the private or public sector.

‘I hope masses of ASLEF members will be with Mick Whelan and myself with our union banners in London on 18 October.’

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