Tosh gets conference underway

21 September 2014

Speaking on a panel which included Kelvin Hopkins, Labour MP for Luton North, and Diane Abbott, Labour MP for Hackney North & Stoke Newington, Tosh brought a packed room to its feet with one of his familiar and inspiring calls to arms.

Tosh said: ‘We need a radical policy – and a radical platform – to win the general election. An agenda to inspire, and engage, Labour Party members and those voters who have left us.

‘ASLEF welcomes the promise to set up a workplace commission after the election, it’s a positive step, and will lay the ground for positive reform of the labour market. These are important changes which could strengthen trade unions and help us stand more strongly against corporate power which has dominated this country for the last two orthree decades.’

‘No less an authority than the IMF, the high priest if global capitalism, says: “Increasing the bargaining power of lower and middle income households is one if the surest ways to build sustainable growth and avoid another economic crisis”.’

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