Action for Rail fringe

22 September 2014

Mick was speaking on a panel– which included Mary Creagh, Shadow Secretary of State for Transport; Mick Cash, acting general secretary of the RMT; Diana Holland, assistant general secretary of Unite; Andi Fox, executive committee member, the TSSA; Neal Lawson, chair of the think tank Compass; and Paul Nowak, assistant general secretary of the TUC – at a meeting in the hall of the Mechanics Institute in Princess Street, just a Joe Hart goal kick away from the conference centre.


Mick said: ‘Look at the system. There are the big sexy ToCs, like Virgin, that will always turn a surplus. Then there are the franchises, like Arriva Trains Wales, Northern Rail, or ScotRail, where you give them £600m and if they can run it for £550million then they take the rest for their shareholders. We’re paying people to take a profit. That’s why we have to put it all back together.’

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