24h tube

26 September 2014

He said: 'The Mayor has announced that all night services will run on some London Underground lines from next September. ASLEF are not opposed to extra services, but there are big questions that will need to be answered. 'Clearly if our members are expected to work additional weekends and anti-social hours they will deserve to be compensated. For the last year we have been asking London Underground to start detailed discussions about rostering arrangements for “night tube” but these talks have not even started yet. 'There are also concerns about safety - will there be enough staff on duty in the early hours of the morning to deal with incidents and emergencies? Will BTP have the resources to deal with crime and anti social behaviour? 'What about the impact on engineering works and maintenance? We have had two incidents recently of concrete falling from the roof of tunnels. If the amount of time available to do inspections at night is cut further, how will this be made up? The irony of “Night Tube” is that passengers will almost certainly see more weekend line closures for essential engineering work. 'Of course key lines, like the District, Circle and Metropolitan won’t be operating a night service. That’s because the signal upgrade that the Mayor promised by 2018 is now years behind schedule and at least 100 million pounds over budget. 'And then there is the question of cost..... no figures have yet been provided for just how much extra TfL will have to find for this. It’s not just the extra staffing cost, it’s the expense of changes to maintenance regimes and engineering hours; the effect on Trains and track of continuous operation all the additional expense involved in running a railway all night long. 'The best the Mayor can say is that he is going to look for a commercial sponsor Maybe he expects to get a few quid from his old friends at Wonga! Earlier this week the Transport Commissioner was warning of riots in the streets without more affordable transport. 'But the reality is that next summer Boris will be heading off to Westminster and leaving the people of London holding a large bill.'

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