ITF 2014 Action Week & WDDW

06 October 2014

This week, from the 6-12 October 2014, the International Transport Federation are organising activities for their annual ITF Action Week under the slogan 'Transport workers fighting back! Organising globally!' Throughout the week member unions will be organising a variety of activities to highlight important issues that affect road transport and railway workers, and to emphasise the importance of belonging to a union.

Transport workers all over the world, including railway workers, are experiencing the negative consequences of privatisation,deregulation and liberalisation. New employment forms are emerging which are resulting in increased casualisation and outsourcing of jobs in the transport sector.Global operators employ workers in the same workplace on different wages and conditions,and promote expansion only on profitable routes. Workers and unions are the first to observe the negative consequences of private companies, including a reduction in safety levels due to decreasing maintenance standards and deskilling of jobs.

We believe that strong union power on a global level, involvement in decision making at a national level and cross-border solidarity in the present globalised world are of crucial importance. In today’s conditions of crisis it is more important than ever that trade unionists across the globe stand up for their rights to decent work and a decent life.

Each year the 7 October is designated as the World Day for Decent Work (WDDW), to raise awareness of the vital importance of global trade union solidarity. Various themes have been highlighted by trade unions and organisations during the WDDW since its start in 2008 including discrimination and core labour standards such as the right to bargain collectively and the freedom to organise, laws and agreements issues, health and safety, and social protection. For more information click here

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