ASLEF says support the NHS strike

13 October 2014

NHS hospital staff, including nurses, paramedics, ambulance crews and midwives are striking this morning for the first time in 32 years. Strike action is taking place between 7am and 11am today. During the rest of the week NHS unions are urging all of their members to take the breaks they are entitled to, including meal breaks. Urgent and emergency services are not affected.

The fact is that NHS staff are underpaid and undervalued: Their pay has not kept in line with inflation and once again this year they will not receive a pay rise. The government says we can’t afford the proposed 1% pay rise but an underpaid, overworked, demotivated workforce is bad for patients. The government needs to get its priorities right: All NHS staff are asking for is fair pay and a properly-funded NHS, which is what we all want.

NHS staff do an incredible job and they deserve fair pay. ASLEF stands in solidarity with the workers who are on strike today and we hope that their unions reach a positive outcome to this dispute.

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