Lobby of Parliament over Northern & Transpennine Express Franchises

23 October 2014

Join ASLEF and the RMT on the 4 November 2014.

· Demonstration outside Parliament from 12h30 to 13h15.

· Rally in Committee Room 11 from 14h00 to 15h30.

· Lobby of MPs from 15h30 onwards.

Join the campaign to save your railway:

The threat by the Government and Rail North to sack guards and introduce Driver Only Operated Trains is only part of the attack on rail services in the North. The proposals will also mean:

- Big fare rises (even though UK rail fares are already the most experience in Europe)

- Cutting station staff

- Closing ticket offices and reducing ticket office opening times

- Service and timetable cuts

But opposition is growing:  Over 10,000 passengers have written protesting against the cuts and almost 50 MPs have signed a parliamentary motion telling the government to think again. Join us on the 4 November.

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