ORR prosecution of ASLEF member

13 November 2014

On 7 November a member was prosecuted by the ORR following an operational incident. Part of the charges related to a failure to set the cab secure radio and this judgement has very serious implications for our membership, and the use of a working radio to provide direct communication with the signaller.

The executive committee has instructed the general secretary to advise all members that from 1 December:

If you are unable to register the train head code on either the GSMR or CSR radio system then the train should not enter service and if in service the train should run at a maximum of 20mph.

Further, the general secretary be instructed to advise Network Rail and all TOCs and FOCs that where there is no cab radio working ASLEF members will run at a maximum of 20mph in the affected area.

Further, the GS be instructed to arrange a special company council representatives’ meeting to discuss these developments as a matter of urgency.

Briefing on in cab communication issues following the Scott Walford case

In cab communications Q&A

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