Scottish Labour snubs CLPs and unions

27 November 2014

ASLEF and seven other affiliated rail unions have written to acting Scottish Labour Party general secretary Fiona Stanton regarding the omission of supporting nominations from constituency Labour parties and affiliates from the booklet dispatched to party members with their ballot papers for the Scottish party leadership and deputy leadership election. Only the nominations from the elected members (MPs and MSPs) were included.

The unions are calling on the Scottish Labour Party to explain the failings in the original booklet and to list the supporting nominations from all sections of the electoral college in an email to members along with an apology.

ASLEF General Secretary Mick Whelan said ‘I very much regret that party members in Scotland have not received full details of nominations from across the electoral college sections. This omission is an oversight at best or a deliberate act at worst. I hope the Scottish Party will heed our calls and ensure party members have all the facts at their disposal in deciding who to vote for in this crucial election.’

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