Style trumps substance on Serco sleeper services

18 December 2014

Serco, which won the franchise to run the Caledonian sleeper service, has been trumpeting its new staff uniforms – before it has any staff to run the sleeper service.

The firm proudly announced,under the heading ‘Award winning luxury fashion label to design uniforms for the Caledonian sleeper’: ‘Serco has appointed designer label ten30 to design the uniforms for the new Caledonian sleeper service which commences on 1April 2015. The uniforms will be traditional, yet contemporary, exemplifying the best of Scottish fashion and textiles. Serco’s plans to transform the Caledonian sleeper service into anoutstanding hospitality offering that is emblematic of the best of Scotland are well under way.’


‘Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers’ union, said: ‘They may be well under way with their sartorial arrangements but they’ve not found time to finalise who will be driving their trains yet. The company has its priorities all wrong. Serco have made no decision on who is going to drive their trains – they have no drivers – but at least they will have nice new uniforms! 1 April seems an appropriate day for this company to start running its service…’

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