Unions announce launch of manifesto for change

13 January 2015

ASLEF and Labour’s 14 affiliated unions which represent 3 million workers announced the launch of their election manifesto for change this week. The five point pledge card include calls on Labour to commit to decent wages, to increasing the minimum wage, to end exploitative zero hours contracts, to run the NHS in public hands and pledges to help with the cost of living.

ASLEF General Secretary Mick Whelan said ‘the manifesto is a good starting point in highlighting the vitally important role trade unions have in this year’s general election campaign in making the case for a fair and progressive future for our country'.

Mick added, ‘With the government intensifying its attacks on our movement, it is all the more important that we organise against them. Trade unionists can be under no illusions. Labour is the party which will stand up for working people and trade unions.

Please support the manifesto and sign the petition at http://www.manifestoforchange.com/

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