National Voter Registration Drive 2-8 February

03 February 2015

The UK has already seen a dramatic drop in the turnout of voters for general elections: Only 65% of the electorate voted in the 2010 general election whereas 84% voted in 1950. Today, we are told that six million people who are eligible to vote, have not yet registered.

According to figures published by the Institute for Public Policy Research, it is mainly the younger generations who don’t vote. Indeed, just 44% of 18 to 24 year olds voted in the last election, compared to 75% of pensioners. Analysis also shows that the working classes are much less likely to vote than the middle classes.

The problem is that governments frame policies that appeal to the groups who vote, which means the concerns of young working classes are neglected. Recently the government have cut the top rate of income tax and reduced corporation tax, but done little to address concerns about unemployment, the housing market, the NHS, or fees for higher education.

Several initiatives have been set up to encourage voters to register: The National Voter Registration Drive #NVRD is a week of action running from the 2-8 February, aimed at encouraging young people to register to vote. The #NoVoteNoVoice campaign aims to get the million extra voters by the time Britain goes to the polls in May.

Thursday 5 February is National Voter Registration Day

To register to vote online click HERE.

To download registration forms click HERE.

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