Please get out and vote today

07 May 2015

Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, is urging every member of our union to get out and vote today in the most important general election in our lifetimes.

Mick said: 'In line with our policy, we have worked incredibly hard to help deliver a Labour victory at the polls today. The need to protect, and develop, the National Health Service, and to look for a model that drives a real and sustainable future for our industry, are paramount.

'The doubling of the national debt in an Age of Austerity, whilst promoting the bedroom tax, zero hours contracts, Atos, the removal of free speech under the Lobbying & Transparency Act, not for the brown envelope mob but for charities and trade unions, attacks on the rights of workers to take on employers at employment tribunals or after suffering personal injury, and the planned removal of your right to strike... these are just a few of the many reasons to vote today to get rid of David Cameron and the Conservative Party.

'Civil society as we know it has come under prolonged attack ion the last five years - not to promote the greater good, but because of ideological dogma - and it is time, today, to vote for change.

'That is why I am voting Labour, in the hope that tomorrow we will have a government for the many, not for the few.'

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