Adhesion working group: autumn season survey

05 January 2015

Train drivers asked to share their views on the challenges of driving in Autumn.

Autumn is a challenging time for the railway, which carries more people in autumn than at any other time. At the same time the conditions we have to operate in are sometimes the most challenging during that period. Autumn 2013 was a particularly poor autumn across the country and on the back of that a national industry review was undertaken to identify and understand the key issues we faced and ways of making improvements for future autumns.

The Adhesion Working Group is a group made up of representatives from TOCs / FOCs, Network Rail, train manufacturers and others. The AWG is keen to gain a better understanding of how drivers perceive autumn and its effects, as well as some of the measure that have been introduced. The aim is to identify knowledge gaps and help prepare to the train driving community for future autumns. They have designed a short survey for train drivers which can be accessed below and will remain open until 15 April 2015.

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