Tube strike political?

07 July 2015

Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers’ union, has slammed London Underground boss Mike Brown for claiming that the Tube strike on Thursday is ‘overtly political’ and Tory Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin for claiming that ‘union bosses are furious that the Conservative Party won the general election.’

Mick said: ‘Neither Mike Brown, nor Patrick McLoughlin, nor the Evening Standard in its leader column today, seems to understand the Tory legislation on strikes. Or is able to do the basic maths on the chronology of this dispute.

‘Because this is an industrial dispute, not a political row, and the initial proposals, on which we ran the ballot, was made by TfL on 5 March, long before the general election on7 May.

‘This dispute is entirely the fault of TfL; they have prevaricated for months, after announcing the Night Tube, without proper negotiation, on the same day as nearly 1,000 redundancies on the London Underground.

‘The suspicion is that TfL don’t really want to run the Night Tube which is why, after months of not talking to us, they only improved their offer yesterday.

‘We believe in the Night Tube because we believe that London, which is one of the world’s greatest capital cities, deserves a 24 hour public transport service. But we also believe in a proper work/life balance for the drivers who are delivering that service, and that is something which TfL is failing to deliver.’


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