Tube strike today

09 July 2015

This is a message this morning from Finn Brennan, District 8 Organiser, and the man who has been leading our negotiations with LU over the Night Tube:

On behalf of your EC member Terry Wilkinson and the entire ASLEF team, I want to thank all of you for the incredible job you have done so far and the work you will do today. You delivered a record breaking strike vote and now you are delivering a record breaking strike.

Your general secretary Mick Whelan and all the EC, officers and staff have shown complete support forus. Mick will be on the picket lines this morning with us and has done everything in his power to back us up.

For 364 days of the year, London Underground staff work hard to keep this city moving. Today you will be vilified by some because you have the courage to stand up for yourselves, the courage to say we will not just allow our employer to impose changes without agreement.

But for every right-wing journalist who attacks you, there will be hundreds or thousands of other hard working people who will admire your stand, who will wish that they were able to the same. ASLEF will never apologise for the fact that we have negotiated relatively decent working conditions. That is what trade unions exist to do.

You will hear time and time again how much benefit the Mayor's plans will bring to London’s economy. Why is it wrong to say that those benefits should not come at the expense of the people who will work to deliver them?

Today our members will be on the picket lines along with our colleagues and friends in Unite, RMT and TSSA. We are here because London Underground management refused to deal seriously with the issues at the heart of this dispute and resolve them. They wasted the opportunity to resolve this dispute without a strike. The blame for the disruption caused by the strike rests squarely with London Underground management.

Lets hope they don’t make the same mistake again.

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