LU puts safety at risk

22 July 2015

London Underground has threatened to take legal action against ASLEF after we gave them notice that our members would refuse to bring trains into service that have not been subject to safety checks in line with LU's own safety standards. Our lawyers are currently dealing with this matter. Separately, the ORR has launched an investigation into safety concerns raised by the RMT. Finn Brennan, ASLEF's lead negotiator on the Tube, said: 'Rather than sitting down with us to resolve this industrial dispute, London Underground are threatening to take legal action to stop our members doing their jobs safely by making sure their trains are fully safety checked before entering service. It is now clear that their agenda is not to resolve this dispute but to force through changes, no matter what the impact on staff and the safety of their passengers. Their action today has grievously undermined the trust needed for talks to make progress and so made it much harder to avoid further strikes.'

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