Train driver minimises impact of train collision in Kent

28 July 2015

A quick thinking train driver minimised the impact of a serious collision in Kent on Sunday as the 2010 from Charing Cross to Ramsgate collided with a herd of cattle, killing five cows and derailing the leading carriage of an eight coach train. Over 70 passengers were evacuated and none were injured.

Reports suggest that following the collisionthe driver averted a more serious accident when he jumped out of his cab and ran down the track to halt an approaching train because his radio had stopped working. The driver was able to contact the signaller through the radio of the second train to switch off power to the lines.

ASLEF General Secretary Mick Whelan said ‘I applaud the composure and level headedness of the train driver and ASLEF member whose quick thinking actions were able to minimise the impact of this collision. It is a reminder of the professionalism of train drivers and the safety critical job they do each and every day.’

Mick added ‘I am concerned by reports that both the operator and Network Rail were aware of this problem many hours in advance of the incident. I pledge ASLEF’s full co-operation with the Rail Accident and Investigation Board’s investigation into the collision.’

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