ASLEF statement regarding the London Underground dispute

03 August 2015

Over the weekend, ASLEF has consulted with our reps and branches across the Underground on the repackaged offer from London Underground. We have received responses from every line and each train crew depot.

The overwhelming view of our members is that this offer is not acceptable. The main concern is the complete lack of firm commitments on work life balance for train drivers. Our members want guarantees on the number of weekend rest days they will have under both the interim and long term arrangements for night tube. Vague phrases like "will seek to mitigate" and "will explore" are simply unconvincing.

We would be prepared to continue discussions to try to find common ground, but senior management are insistent that new rosters will be issued this week so that Night Tube starts on September 12. The sensible option would be to postpone the launch date to allow for an agreed way forward to be reached. But once again, management are being completely inflexible and are refusing to negotiate on their offer. They are insisting that it must be accepted as it stands.

This leaves us with no other choice than to go ahead with strike action from 21.30 on Wednesday August 5th.

We genuinely regret the disruption this will cause. But the blame for this must rest with the pig headed determination of the Mayor to insist on a September launch instead of allowing more time for a negotiated settlement to be reached.

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