Management escalate Tube Dispute

05 August 2015

ASLEF members on London Underground have been forced to take a second day of strike action today in an ongoing dispute over London Underground’s decision to force through new staff rosters for Night Tube without consultation.

Last night London Underground escalated the dispute by issuing new rosters to depots across the network. These new rosters had not been agreed or negotiated by drivers or their representatives and ASLEF does not recognise them.

Mick Whelan, ASLEF General Secretary said ‘Our members have rejected the latest offer from the company because they are forcing through new rosters without agreement and offer no firm commitments on work life balance for train drivers.’

Mick added ‘We support Night Tube. London needs it. We remain prepared to talk at any time to try to find common ground but by forcing these new rosters on train drivers and acting outside of our agreed way of working senior management are making it even harder to resolve this dispute.’

Mick concluded ‘the ASLEF Executive Committee meets next week and will discuss our response to these developments.’

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