Overcrowding highlights failure of privatisation

10 September 2015

The Department for Transport today released figures detailing the top ten most overcrowded rail services in the UK. Operating at 86% over capacity the 0422 from Glasgow Central to Manchester Airport, is the country’s most overcrowded train. Three of the services in the top ten are TransPennine Express services connecting Scotland and Manchester with the remaining seven being London commuter services.

ASLEF General Secretary Mick Whelan commented, “It’s sad to see the same routes and services appear on this list year after year and it’s a reminder that if you are on a crowded train today you will be on a crowded train 10 years from now.’

Mick added, “Train operators are fond of pointing out that the increased ridership on the rail network is a sign of the success of privatisation. This is utter nonsense. More people travel by train as jobs become centralised in cities and house prices force people further away from these jobs. These figures actually emphasise the great failure of rail privatisation which is that the industry has been unable to deliver the capacity to meet the growing demand.”

Mick concluded, ‘I am also concerned over how operators are dealing with overcrowded services. For example, London Underground has cut dwell times at stations making it difficult for passengers to embark or disembark from the train. We need real investment to deal with capacity on our railway. Not sticking plaster solutions.”

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