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08 September 2005

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Negotiations Update

Following a report made to the General Secretary by the negotiating team on EWS, that proposed and arranged negotiating meetings had or were being cancelled on a regular basis, and that management had repeatedly broken their word by not supplying any financial information to assist in negotiations, the General Secretary determined that the negotiating team insist that EWS management team meet them on Thursday 5 December.

Further, the General Secretary instructed that should the management team refuse to meet ASLEF members’ demands for implementation of a 35 hour week, 100% pensionable pay and a substantial increase in rates of pay, with cuts in working hours, then the negotiating team were to inform management that the company would be in dispute with ASLEF.

Although the meeting did eventually take place, in light of management’s failure to address any the above issues, the negotiating team formally registered a Failure to Agree. The General Secretary will present a report to the Executive Committee on Tuesday 10 December, where the General Secretary will be recommending that a ballot be held for industrial action.

Members should be aware that the company has repeatedly broken promises made to the negotiating team, who have continued to be frustrated by an obvious and disturbing reluctance on the company"s part to discuss ASLEF members’ demands.

The attitude of the company is all the more disappointing given their previous assurances of a willingness to bring a spirit of co-operation to the negotiating table.

On the contrary, the company continues to display the same obstinacy which is all too familiar to our members, and which has resulted in many of the difficulties we need to address, and is the reason why so many Drivers are leaving EWS.

We can draw no conclusion other than that the company is stalling. By doing so, it is neglecting its obligations to the business as a whole, and is denying the aspirations of its most important resource – its Drivers.

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