Gary Boyle on public ownership

15 September 2015

Congress reaffirmed its commitment to public ownership in the transport debate on Monday morning. Gary Boyle, of Manchester Piccadilly No 1 branch, speaking from the podium, told delegates: ‘Government rail policy is a shambles wrapped in a fiasco inside a disaster. They made lots of promises about what they were going to do for rail before the election but, strangely enough, after the election these promises became too expensive to deliver!

‘It’s the passengers, and the workers, who suffer from this short-termism. Private rail means they can’t see beyond the next profit target. There is no long-term strategy.

‘The Tories talk about benefit cheats and scroungers but the rail industry is full of corporate cheats and scroungers. Failure is no barrier to future franchise success. That’s why we welcome Jeremy Corbyn’s pledge to return the railway to public hands.’

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