Mark Prenter on mining, at the TUC

15 September 2015

Mark Prenter, of Waterloo Nine Elms branch, speaking from the podium on Monday morning, addressed delegates in a debate on the UK deep mined coal industry as part of a morning spent discussing jobs, growth and he new economy.

He said: ‘The decision not to invest in the industry is disastrous for the 2,000 employees of UK Coal but it is also a serious blow to the livelihoods of the communities in which they live and work, the local economies and the thousands of other workers in the longer supply chain.

‘Coal is the number one commodity transported on the UK’s railway yet the amount carried across the network is falling. Job cuts have been announced in the rail freight sector across the grades.

‘In my local area of Thanet,only 50 miles from London, the closure of the mining industry has had an enormous impact on the local community. Congress, we must continue to support the miners and their communities.’

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