ASLEF at the TUC in Brighton

15 September 2015

ASLEF sent five delegates – Mick Whelan, general secretary; Simon Weller, national organiser; Dave Calfe, EC vice-president; Gary Boyle of Manchester Piccadilly No 1; and Mark Prenter of Waterloo Nine Elms – to the 147th Trades Union Congress which opened at the Brighton Centre on Sunday.

Delegates from 52 unions,representing 6.3 million members, gathered on the south coast for the parliament of the trade union movement. Debates on jobs, growth, and fair pay, ahead of the party political conferences, helped set the political agenda for the autumn.

As well as the motions on the conference floor, and the plethora of fringe meetings every lunchtime and evening, congress is an opportunity for ASLEF reps to meet activists from other unions who face similar challenges in different fields and are doing the same job of representing their members and trying to make this country abetter place in which to work and live.

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