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08 September 2005

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Ballot for Industrial Action

In their 10 December session, the Executive Committee gave consideration to a report from the General Secretary on the Failure to Agree that had been registered with EWS on 5 December 2002.

EC Resolution 936/418 calls for the General Secretary to give EWS/EWSI the statutory notice of our intention to ballot ASLEF driving grade members in EWS/EWSI for industrial action, consisting of withdrawal of labour for a series of discontinuous 24 hour stoppages. 

The ballot papers will be distributed by ERBS and all ballot papers are to be returned by 12 noon 20 January 2003. 

The decision by your Executive Committee to call for a ballot for industrial action has not been taken lightly. It follows a long period of frustration, continuous disappointment and the repeated determination by EWS/I management to avoid discussing the issues that really matter to EWS/I members:-

· Implementation of a 35 hour week
· 100% pensionable pay
· substantial increase in rates of pay with cuts in working hours

In calling for a ballot for industrial action, the Executive Committee is also mindful that the history of these negotiations over the last 2 years has been dogged by similar disappointments and frustrations when dealing with the EWS/EWSI management team.

It is the view of the Negotiating Team, the General Secretary and the Executive Committee that these important negotiations could not be allowed to continue in this piecemeal fashion, and that action must now be taken by ASLEF to remedy this situation.

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