Rally against the Trade Union Bill

06 September 2015

The Trade Union Bill is the biggest attack on trade unions in decades. Attend the demonstrations and join the campaign to fight back.

The TUC are organising a demonstration at the Conservative party conference, Manchester, 12pm Sunday 4 October

The TUC are also organising a lobby of Parliament and rally,Westminster Central Hall, London, 1pm-4.30pm Monday 2 November

Watch Frances O'Grady explain why it's important that you help to protect the right to strike: http://act.goingtowork.org.uk/page/s/will-you-help-protect-the-right-to-strike-

You can also sign up to join the Unions Together campaign to fightback against this unfair, unnecessary and undemocratic law www.unionstogether.org.uk/anti_tu_bill.


The government shocked many with the scale of its assault when it unveiled the illegal, illiterate and illiberal Trade Union Bill. The proposed restrictions on the right to strike, use of agency labour to make strikes ineffective and the criminalising of peaceful pickets will have a crushing effect on trade unions.

But the Bill also gives the Government the right to snoop into union affairs, seize documents and impose heavy fines and will require trade unions to lay out detailed plans to the police on how they will use social media to coordinate legitimate industrial action.

This takes our trade union laws, already out of step with international convention standards way beyond the democratic tradition.

“The Trade Union Bill is the work of a vindictive Tory Party using the levers of government for its own political ends, seeking to outlaw legitimate protest and opposition, stifle free speech and choke off the finances and resources of political opponents!” - Jo Stevens, Labour MP for Cardiff

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