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01 August 2015

The Labour Party’s link with the trade union movement has been a historic relationship for more than a century. It’s about the voice of trade unionists being heard as the Party shapes policy and providing the Party with a vital bridge into the communities and workplaces it seeks to serve. But it’s changing…

Changes to Labour leadership elections

The relationship between the Labour Party and its affiliated trade unions is changing.

All ASLEF members need to become affiliated supporters of the Labour Party by August 12th in order to vote in the national Labour Leadership and Deputy leadership election.

In previous elections for the Labour Party leadership and other elections such as the candidate to be Mayor of London, all trade union political levy payers have been balloted. This will no longer be the case.

From now on ASLEF members who want to vote in these elections must have positively opted-in to be an affiliated supporter of the Labour Party.

It is free and it takes just one minute.

Sign up here (Labour website) or here (unions together website)

Why become an Affiliated Supporter?

Labour needs ASLEF members and trade unionists to make their voices heard and to join its election campaign. Labour is already the largest political party across the United Kingdom and the trade union movement but it needs to be stronger.

The Labour movement has achieved many great things together in the past, from the NHS to the minimum wage, and it is these very things that we are fighting to protect as we fight one of the most hostile Westminster governments in living memory.

Don’t Delay

Make sure that you are not denied a vote in these vital elections by becoming an affiliated supporter today.


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